What is weMX HMI/SCADA? What kind of features does it have?2019-03-12T11:31:25+09:00

weMX is a HMI/SCADA solution

You can use weMX to design your own screen with ease, and control various PLCs.

With weMX, you can create your own UI, and connect to various external devices. Due to these features, weMX can be used in Home Automation, Building Automation, IOT, Medical Devices, and many more environments.

With weMX Designer, you can design/create your own screens.

With an intuitive interface, you can easily create your own screen. You can test how your project will work in a simulated environment for quick & easy feedbacks.

Also, the program does not have any required compiling process. Sending & Managing your projects have never been easier.

With weMX Player, you can display your projects in touch screens.

The program is compatible with various OSs’ such as Windows, Android, Embedded Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

Also, the program supports elegant interface elements such as true-type fonts, vector graphics, opacity functions, and smooth animations.

Where/How can I get more education on using the program?2019-03-12T11:30:01+09:00

For online education, you can learn about our programs through following links:

Knowledge Base

Educational Materials

Offline courses are divided into 2 parts: Beginner, Advanced.

Go to the address below to check the course schedule.

weMX course board page:Eduacation

In order to apply for advanced courses, contact us through email or phone.

Email: info@wemx.biz

Phone: +82-02-2102-9001

How do I make a purchase?2019-03-12T11:27:59+09:00

The program is compatible with Android 4.4 and above. You can download weMX Player from Google Play store (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wemx.wemxplayer2).

The free version is limited to 30 minutes of continuous use. If you make the in-app purchase, you can use the app without any limits.

In order to purchase the license for Windows environment, please contact our sales department to get the license.

If you wish to purchase a touch pad, please contact our sales department to make a purchase.

Email : sales@wemx.biz

Phone : +82-02-2102-9001

OEM partnerships

weMX is partnering with following companies

Industrial PC/Panel PC manufacturers who are planning to use HMI/SCADA software or looking for an upgrade
Companies that are trying to include HMI/SCADA products such as Panel PCs and HMI/SCADA software to their brand.

If you are interested in creating a partnership with us, please contact us through email below. We will get back to you soon.

Where can I find the wiring details for different PLCs?2019-03-12T11:25:47+09:00

Download the PLC manuals and refer to its contents to create your own cables.

I downloaded the Android app. What do i need to do next?2019-03-12T11:18:00+09:00

Please refer to the “Installing weMX HMI+SCADA 2018” document.

How do I create a screen?2019-03-12T11:15:25+09:00

‘Creating a screen’, is a process of making a W7Z Project file.

W7Z Project files are created by designing a screen through a tool called weMX Designer. The files are saved in “.w7z” format. Project files include images in the screen, screen info, addresses, and many more.

In order to design a screen, download weMX Designer from our website.

After the program is installed, run the [weMX Designer] shortcut in your desktop, or go to [Start][All Programs][weMX][weMX Designer 2018] to run the program.

The process of making a weMX Project is as follows.

  1. Go to [File][New][New Project] in the menu.
  2. Set the “Project Name” to whatever you wish, and set the target model’s name.
  3. Select the [Ok (Add Device/PLC later)] to create one screen.
  4. Select [Draw][Text] in the menu, and drag the element in the screen to a size you want.
  5. In the Text property, type in “Hello, World”.
  6. Select [File][Save] in the menu to save the project.
  7. Go to [Project][Simulation] and check the screen you’ve just made.

In weMX Designer, various drawing tools and components are provided to make the creation process easier.

For more details on how to make a screen, please refer to the document bellow.

Making a simple display: weMX-KB-02-SimpleDrawing-en.pdf

weMX Designer Beginner Tutorial Guide: weMX Designer Beginner Tutorial

weMX Designer Intermediate Tutorial Guide: weMX Designer Intermediate Tutorial

How do you send a Project?2019-03-12T11:11:35+09:00

Now that you have created a simple screen, you can check your creation with various devices. Devices such as Android, Windows, Target (Raspberry Pi) are supported.

Created HMX projects can be checked with an Android device.

For more details, please refer to “Running in Android devices” document.

Go to [Simulation] or [Player] in weMX Designer’s menu to run the project.

For more details on simulations, please refer to “Chapter 9. Simulation” in the “weMX Designer manual”.

For more details on weMX Player, please refer to “Chapter 10.2 Player for Windows” in the “weMX Designer manual”.

In order to check your screen from your target, you have to send the project through Ethernet or USB, and run the weMX Player.

For more details on sending the project, please refer to “Chapter 11. Sending Projects” in the “weMX Designer manual”.

My downloaded version doesn’t seem to work properly.2019-03-11T18:41:36+09:00

Distributed HMX project samples from the homepage are created based on the newest version of weMX Designer.

The newest version of weMX Player (v2.0.1.xxxxx) contains all the necessary hmx format updates, so problems should only occur with versions lower that v2.0.1.xxxxx.

You weMX Designer might not be up to date. Please check your installed weMX Designer’s version and download the latest version from our website.

The most up-to-date weMX Designer can be downloaded from the following link.

Download: weMX Designer 2018 Download

Caution: If you open a hmx file with the newest weMX Designer and save the project, the file might become incompatible with the older versions of weMX Designer/Player.

What are User Components? How do I use them?2019-03-11T18:39:37+09:00

Other than components provided by weMX Designer by default, User Components utilizes Qt QML and Java Script to provide customizable components.

Various User Components are available from the weMX homepage. Go to [Support][Download][Samples][Sample Projects] to access them.

In order to use the downloaded components, go through the following process:

  1. Download the User Component you wish to use.
  2. Run weMX Designer and go to component settings menu.
  3. Select import, and import the downloaded “.cmx” file.
  4. Go to your project screen, and use the components to create your own screen.
  5. Double click the User Components in your screen to configure its settings (for more details on settings, please refer to pdf documents that are packaged with the components).

For more details on User Components, please refer to “Chapter 33. User Component” in the “weMX Designer manual”.

For more details on creating a User Component, please refer to “User Component tutorial” document.

How do I display multiple languages?2019-03-11T18:36:46+09:00

The system font, NanumBarunGothic only supports Korean and English.

Due to this, if you try to use letters from countries such as China or Japan, some letters might not show up properly.

In order to use letters from other countries, you need to add your own fonts to weMX Designer.

Go to [Menu][Project][System Settings][Font].

Click the [+] button to add the fonts that supports other languages.

For example, in order to use Chinese/Japanese, you can add NotoSansCJKkr-Regular.otf (provided by default) to use Chinese/Japanese letters.

In order to use Arabic letters, use add NotoNaskhArabic-Regular.ttf. For Thai letters, use NotoSansThai-Regular.ttf.