weMX HMI+SCADA Designer 2018

weMX Desinger 2018 is a HMI+SCADA visualization program available in various platforms: Android, Linux, Raspbian Windows.

weMX Designer 2018 for window operating systems is in need to create a screen.HMI+SCADA running on the windows is built-in to weMX Designer 2018. License is necessary for use.

E-mail to sale@wemx.biz for trial license.

The Current version is v2.0.0.17134 / ReleaseDate: 2018-11-21

weMX for Andoird

Run the program on the smartphone or tablet PC as an Android app is available for free download.

A built-in PLC communication driver is in control over PLC.

Download the Android app from the page as below:

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