weMX Designer Features
  • User friendly screen interface can be created
  • Offline simulation is provided for testing of screens
  • Online simulation is provided for monitoring of communications
  • Default design features
    – Line, Rectangle, Circle, Image, True-Type fonts
  • Device controls
    – Switch/Lamp, Bar/Circle Graph, Trend Graph, Tag Display, Alarm, and Report
    – Recipe, Script, Trigger Action, Operation Log, Localization, and Security
  • PLC communication drivers are provided
    – LSIS GLOFA, Master-K, XGT, XGB
    – Mitsubishi FX, Q, QnU, QnA
    – Siemens S7
    – Rockwell DF1, EtherNet/IP
  • Expansion features
    – User Component
    – User Driver
    – User Service