Running in Android Devices (1)

HMX projects created with weMX Designer can be transmitted to Android devices to be run.

Next, we will learn how to use weMX Designer’s transmitter to send a HMX Project from PC to an Android device, and run the HMX project.

Open weMX Designer and create a HMX Project you wish to transmit.

Select [Project] – [Transmitter] to run the transmitter.

Connect the Android device to a Wi-Fi connection, and check the device’s IP address.
Ex) NEXUS7: [Settings][System][About tablet][Status]

※The method might differ based on devices/manufacturers.


Select connection type as [Ethernet], and type in the IP address in the [IP] section.

Select the transmit direction as [PC ->Display].

Touch the weMX Android app in the Androiddevice to run the app.

Click the [Connect] button in the transmitter and confirm its connection with the Android device.

Click the [Transmit] button on the bottom to transmit the HMX Project.

If the transmission is finished, transmitted HMX Project will be opened automatically.