Installing weMX HMI

weMX HMI is largely composed of weMX Designer and weMX Player.

weMX Designer is a Windows program that can create screens that will be displayed on N Series and Android devices. Its intuitive interface will allow anyone to easily make their own screen and confirm the result in a simulated environment. The created screen will be saved as an HMX file (script file), and works without any additional compiling procedures. The managing/sending of projects is quick and easy

The weMX Player is a program that runs HMX projects made with weMX Designer. weMX Player is compatible with a variety of OS such as N series, Android, Embedded Linux, and Windows.

weMX HMI install package includes weMX Designer, weMX Player for Windows, and weMX Player for N Series.

weMX HMI’s system requirements are as follows:

Category Requirements
OS Windows Vista SP2 and above, 32bit/64bit
CPU Dual-Core and above
Memory 4GB and above
Disk space 600MB and above
Display resolution 1024×768 and above
Supported language (menus) Korean, English
Supported language (input language) Korean, English, Chinese (simplified, advanced), Japanese, etc


In the next part, weMX HMI’s install process will be explained.
Use the next link to download the weMX HMI install package.

Run the setup file to install the program.

Accept the license agreement.

Select the components you wish to install. Unless you are planning to use just the weMX Player (without weMX Designer), check all boxes.

Set the install directory

Necessary files will be copied to the directory.

After the installation is complete, below screen will be displayed.

Install additional files that are necessary for running the program. If the files are already installed, below screen will not be displayed.

weMX Designer and weMX Player shortcuts will be installed on the desktop screen.

Below screen will appear after running weMX Designer.