weMX is a HMI/SCADA solution

You can use weMX to design your own screen with ease, and control various PLCs.

With weMX, you can create your own UI, and connect to various external devices. Due to these features, weMX can be used in Home Automation, Building Automation, IOT, Medical Devices, and many more environments.

With weMX Designer, you can design/create your own screens.

With an intuitive interface, you can easily create your own screen. You can test how your project will work in a simulated environment for quick & easy feedbacks.

Also, the program does not have any required compiling process. Sending & Managing your projects have never been easier.

With weMX Player, you can display your projects in touch screens.

The program is compatible with various OSs’ such as Windows, Android, Embedded Linux, and Raspberry Pi.

Also, the program supports elegant interface elements such as true-type fonts, vector graphics, opacity functions, and smooth animations.