Other than components provided by weMX Designer by default, User Components utilizes Qt QML and Java Script to provide customizable components.

Various User Components are available from the weMX homepage. Go to [Support][Download][Samples][Sample Projects] to access them.

In order to use the downloaded components, go through the following process:

  1. Download the User Component you wish to use.
  2. Run weMX Designer and go to component settings menu.
  3. Select import, and import the downloaded “.cmx” file.
  4. Go to your project screen, and use the components to create your own screen.
  5. Double click the User Components in your screen to configure its settings (for more details on settings, please refer to pdf documents that are packaged with the components).

For more details on User Components, please refer to “Chapter 33. User Component” in the “weMX Designer manual”.

For more details on creating a User Component, please refer to “User Component tutorial” document.