Now that you have created a simple screen, you can check your creation with various devices. Devices such as Android, Windows, Target (Raspberry Pi) are supported.

Created HMX projects can be checked with an Android device.

For more details, please refer to “Running in Android devices” document.

Go to [Simulation] or [Player] in weMX Designer’s menu to run the project.

For more details on simulations, please refer to “Chapter 9. Simulation” in the “weMX Designer manual”.

For more details on weMX Player, please refer to “Chapter 10.2 Player for Windows” in the “weMX Designer manual”.

In order to check your screen from your target, you have to send the project through Ethernet or USB, and run the weMX Player.

For more details on sending the project, please refer to “Chapter 11. Sending Projects” in the “weMX Designer manual”.