‘Creating a screen’, is a process of making a W7Z Project file.

W7Z Project files are created by designing a screen through a tool called weMX Designer. The files are saved in “.w7z” format. Project files include images in the screen, screen info, addresses, and many more.

In order to design a screen, download weMX Designer from our website.

After the program is installed, run the [weMX Designer] shortcut in your desktop, or go to [Start][All Programs][weMX][weMX Designer 2018] to run the program.

The process of making a weMX Project is as follows.

  1. Go to [File][New][New Project] in the menu.
  2. Set the “Project Name” to whatever you wish, and set the target model’s name.
  3. Select the [Ok (Add Device/PLC later)] to create one screen.
  4. Select [Draw][Text] in the menu, and drag the element in the screen to a size you want.
  5. In the Text property, type in “Hello, World”.
  6. Select [File][Save] in the menu to save the project.
  7. Go to [Project][Simulation] and check the screen you’ve just made.

In weMX Designer, various drawing tools and components are provided to make the creation process easier.

For more details on how to make a screen, please refer to the document bellow.

Making a simple display: weMX-KB-02-SimpleDrawing-en.pdf

weMX Designer Beginner Tutorial Guide: weMX Designer Beginner Tutorial

weMX Designer Intermediate Tutorial Guide: weMX Designer Intermediate Tutorial